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Thread: N1 Cams into Bluetop Vzr?

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2011-01-30 16:41:54
N1 Cams into Bluetop Vzr?
Who has it done and what kind of gains can be gott?

Could gains justify the money of say

* n1 Cams
* Port and Polished Head
* Skimmed Head
* n1 Intake/ Throttle Body?

any one done it and if so what gains have you got?
2011-01-30 19:38:25
prolly be better off putting in a 2 liter crank and rods
2011-01-30 20:10:32
Had a feeling that would be said,

But no intrest going 2litre,

Main raceing here involves 1.6 Vtec, mivec , Gt turbos etc, So wants to remain in the 1.6 class, a 2l beating 1.6 is nothing, so rathers the competition,

And would rather keep it 1.6 N.a lol
2011-01-30 20:14:54
lol wheres the fun in that?
2011-01-30 22:00:52
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
lol wheres the fun in that?

Whats the fun in a 2l racing 1.6 haha,

Much rather a good healthy competition ha, always that more fun
2011-01-31 02:29:33
Have a look at what nissan did to make the N1 better than the stock VZ-R if you need to keep it 1.6lt.
Perhaps even wilder cams would see you happier if this is for competition. There are offerings from a number of different vendors. The Kelfords from NZ seem to be extremely popular.
2011-01-31 03:18:12
would be funner to race 2 liters vs 2 liters lol
2011-01-31 13:01:19
lighter high comp pistons and rods, big cams, a bit of headwork and rev the piss out of it!
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