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Thread: Ve Mpg's

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2011-01-30 06:44:21
I get 27-38 highway in my ve with stock everything, b14 non- lsd trans stock rims @35-45psi,

but my de ser with I/h/e only got 18-24mpg all highway, 17 inch rims with 45-50psi, b14 lsd trans,

mind you I drive 1300-1500 miles a week, I spend about 85% of the time at 75-90 mph, I get better mpg the slower I drive but most days that's not possible, I've been wanting to get the 02-03 p11 trans, or someday I might swap out the 5th gear
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2011-02-03 03:33:47
Originally Posted by Viprdude

Replace some important stuff, monitor your fuel mileage and fill the tank up all the way. It is truly hurting you because you are allowing fuel to change into a vapor by letting all the air stay in the tank rather than be replaced by fuel.

Quick question Vip doesn't the fuel tank have some sort of recirculation that returns that vaporized fuel to the fuel tank? or does that vaporized fuel travel through the "charcoal canister" and gets burned? Also do you think the heat ranges of spark plugs can play a role on on the mile per gallons I am getting? Right now I am running Ngk heat range 6 plugs.
2011-02-03 07:21:51
Originally Posted by Wojtekj
VE base map was getting around 7l/100km
Improved map, I am getting 6.2l/100 km - thinking of joining a hypermileage clubs

95% highway driving (b15 tranny, stock cammed VE)

Originally Posted by jagy
Thats great. Whats your mods?

+1, that's good for an VE.

Originally Posted by wildmane

Anyone with SR16VE mileage counts?

5door Lucino VZR with Fuji muffler, Apexi pod, no cat and my best is 6.6l/100km or about 43mpg on a long drive with a full load. Around town its more like 32mpg but it really depends on how hard I drive.
2011-02-03 15:18:46
Originally Posted by Viprdude
The tank holds 13.2 gallons (as claimed by Nissan) I have put 13.5 in there once before so I can tell you that the number Nissan claims may not be exact.

I've put 14-15 in my 98 200sx before.

Keep in mind Tank capacity doesn't count the fuel up tube. Also with 98+ cars that have the Charcoil canister in the back of the car, it's possible that some of the fuel is going directly into the canister thus fueling up more then actual tank capacity.
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