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Thread: Ve Mpg's

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2011-01-28 13:42:09
Originally Posted by Wojtekj
VE base map was getting around 7l/100km
Improved map, I am getting 6.2l/100 km - thinking of joining a hypermileage clubs

95% highway driving (b15 tranny, stock cammed VE)

Thats great. Whats your mods?
2011-01-28 13:53:00
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
if your car feels slow with a full tank of gas you got some problems.
Mine did the same thing pre-turbo.

Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
thats like saying you dont let people ride in your car with you cause you dont like how much more you have to press on the gas pedal heh
That describes me pretty well pre-turbo. With so little power, adding a body just slowed everything down. :o

Topdog, when the fuel gauge shows 1/4 of the tank is full, in actuality that is really only about 1/8th of the tank being full. You are getting such little distance out of the fuel because there's so little in there. The 1/2 way mark on the gauge is the point where the tank is a little more than 1/4 full. The 3/4 mark is really only about 2/3 full, and the full mark is about full. The gauge is not linear. It has been this way for a long time, on just about any car out there.

Doy you know how many gallons you fill with to get to that 1/4 mark on the gauge typically?
2011-01-28 14:17:11
Even the stupid heavy P11 feels fine full tank or not. I can have 2-3 people in and it still feels fairly decent. Maybe I'm just used to the slow cars

Originally Posted by Benito
~26 around town. 34-37mpg hwy. 16ve cams. Stock B13 SE-R transmission.

I verified it with GPS and google maps. The cable trannies can be very inacurate but mine was actually pretty close.

This makes me want to VE wife's car.... Must resist!
2011-01-28 16:51:27
Wonder how a SR23 or SR24 ve would do.
2011-01-28 17:23:40
Originally Posted by Keo
Wonder how a SR23 or SR24 ve would do.

Read my post on page 1
2011-01-28 17:33:45
^^ LOL, oops. thanks man!
2011-01-28 19:32:24
im getting 31-32 mpg on the highway on a 01 se, stock ecu. probably around 26 or so around town.
2011-01-28 19:33:48
It would be awesome if you guys could post your management also...
2011-01-28 20:22:36
Moved this back to VVL, not sure who moved it out. If there are Objections let me know.
2011-01-28 20:24:21
both = NA power. should be in the same section. so I object for having 2 separate sections for the same thing.
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