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Thread: N1 pistons at 10k rpm

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2011-01-27 02:45:31
Will the oil pump live long at those revs is the question.
2011-01-27 03:11:57
Mines been good so far. Reving to 9.7-10k all last season... I wonder how much abose it will really take though
2011-01-27 03:27:40
Originally Posted by damasterpnut
Do you think these pistons are better than CP pistons 12.5:1?

cast VS forged. you know the rest.
2011-01-27 11:02:39
Do you understand how ridiculous the Piston Speeds will be at 10k with an 86mm stroke Steve?
I would definitely not trust a cast piston at those speeds.
At those kinda revs you're also going to be getting a lot more rod stretch so you've gotta take this into consideration when machining block/head to achieve your desired Piston to Head clearance.
Having lighter Forged pistons and Steel rods will help the situation but you can never eliminate it.
Personally I'd stick to 9k Maximum for road use... Tbh above even 8k the Piston Speeds of the SR20 begin to get to pretty dizzy levels....
2011-01-27 11:27:48
Get forged pistons and Manley rods to do your 9500-10000 RPM revings.

The most important part about reving high is having light rods and pistons ( less transitional weight ). That being said Manley rods are much lighter than standard rods while being stronger and the forged pistons will be lighter also. Off the top of my head I would say the Manley rods are 80g lighter. You can get you CP pistons at 12.5 to 1 with your Kelford or N1 cams
2011-01-27 12:41:02
i purchased manlys for this reason. 10k is no prob for these motors if built right.

2011-01-27 12:47:42
cool, cheers fellas

manleys were on the list already, stronger and lighter = what im trying to aim for

2011-01-28 19:41:47
are the eagle Hbeams any good for this purpose? if not i may have a set for sale and have to buy the Manleys
2011-01-28 20:06:23
you guys really over think things. Manley and Eagle rods are mostly thr same thing
2011-01-28 20:53:13
Originally Posted by Andreas
you guys really over think things. Manley and Eagle rods are mostly thr same thing

whew.. thats good to know miko
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