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Thread: Alternator light comes on?

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2011-01-25 02:34:15
Alternator light comes on?
Hi, i have a stock SR20VE with a DE Alternator. The OEM alternator burned out like a week ago, i bought a lifetime warranty one those rebuilded and started to notice this last saturday. I was going on a long straight street and i was going to pass a very slow drived vehicle so i downshifted to 2nd gear and usually i shift before 8krpm but this time it reached 8.5K and noticed that while the revs raise the battery light was going on as the rpm rise and at like 8.5krpm it was fully on so i shifted to 3rd and the light went off. I tried it today to and noticed it only happens at night when all the lights are on so the alternator is loaded and the battery light started to go in from 5krpm very slowly. What could be causing this?
- the power wire between alt and battery?
- bad alternator?
- or what?

Thanks in advance!
2011-01-25 03:37:31
loose belt,or oil on it causing it to slip at high rpm?
2011-01-25 03:50:24
voltage regulator is crap. alternator will die eventually see if your headlights get brighter at high rpm, that is untill they blow up

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2011-01-25 04:53:35
Originally Posted by eggman
loose belt,or oil on it causing it to slip at high rpm?

X2 or bad crank pulley
2011-01-25 10:24:16
The alt is no good. Factory used alt is way better than these rebuild units.
2011-01-25 11:43:29
i agree with andreas.i have Went through 3 rebuildable units last year lifetime warantee. First one burnt out in the cold went revived to 5k. And the next one still was throwing a battery and brake light but was charging.brought unit back to store for another one.this one had no lights until a couple of hours later.it started withthe brake and battery light flickering to constantly being on.still holds charge but lights are on.risky.you have a waranty id just return it n get my money back and got a Nissan one from andreas mike.quality service all the way dogs. andreas sir you will hear from me soon once again lol this time for an alternator. Starter was mint btw.thanks brotha
2011-01-25 11:54:01
rojeda1217. thanks for the good words.
2011-01-25 17:02:40
i revved it this morning till 7.5krpm but nothing happened everything fine. i will try a voltmeter today to measure the output voltage. and also check for loosened belt well u later!
2011-01-25 17:40:17
What you will find is that the rebuilt "lifetime" alternators are very, very cheaply rebuilt. They are not full rebuilds, and most fail quite quickly.

It is possible for an alternator to work fine under light load but fail at high loads (high rpms with the lights & accessories on). Typically it's just a matter of time until an alternator like this fails entirely.

A bad/marginal battery can also accelerate the failure of an alternator.

Having a dead battery and jump-starting the car without letting the battery charge for a good long while first can also bury an alternator that may otherwise have lived quite a lot longer, as the battery is going to be drawing full-load from the larternator for an extended time.
2011-01-26 01:15:03
i will change the power wire anyways that runs from the alternator to the battery to a I/0 wire. But by today anything have happened. But thanks for the recommendations they are well appreciated!
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