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Thread: hey want to go VE!

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2011-01-18 17:55:09
hey want to go VE!
S o i've been wanting to put a ve head on my GTI-R for a while now, but i have a lack of knowledge on which head to buy, and which cams to have. I will be putting it on a GTI-R block with stock GTI-R pistons, i am turbo. pls i need all the info i can get before i start buying stuff.
2011-01-18 17:59:17
Don't talk about it be about it! What research have you found so far?
2011-01-18 18:17:47
really, not much
-some are coil packs, i hear i can remove and still use my dist. and plugs.
-i saw the different cam specs on the sticky,
looks like i should get N1 cams.
- i've heard some will make the valve's hit non ve pistons
-i know the intake manifold flange is different so i have use the ve one or custom make one
-valve covers are taller, if need be can use a RR valve cover
-have to plug in the oil feed from the bottom of the head, and tap from the side of the head, and add a oil feed line(possibly from the the oil pressure sensor is located?)
2011-01-18 18:19:02
i already have the Apex-pfc for years now and its great, so i can't use the coil packs unless i use another stand alone or another device just to control the coil packs(if i go coil pack)
2011-01-19 02:06:01
no help huh?
2011-01-19 02:13:08
There are numerous posts on this forum and the old about putting a VE head on a non VE block. It looks like you have a good start on your research, don't stop.

And don't be surprised if no one has chimed in to feed you answers after your thread is 8 hours old.
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