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Thread: Running on 3 cylinders...

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2011-01-01 07:24:40
Running on 3 cylinders...
Alright well I just got out of work. Car was warmed up and all getting on the the highway in second brought it up to 8K and same in 3rd when I felt the motor lose power. I shut it off and coasted off to a gas station. Popped the hood and oil was all over by the valvecover dripping down to the block/alternator/header.

I checked oil and it was full so I went ahead to start it. Car rumbled like a subaru but managed to hold idle. I disconnect plug #4 and it stayed the same. Pulled it off the dizzy and saw sparks arching out. I checked over all wiring and everything seems mint.

The car also has blow by. When i revved the motor, it would blow out smoke. I am hoping for the best but yeahhh. We refreshed this motor from inside out. It doesn't overheat so yeah i'm not sure what to think. Any ideas or opinions? I'm out in NY right now and live in CT so comp tester and all that good stuff is home. Just have basic tools with me. Any help appreciated. What a wat to start the new year.

Happy New Year fellas!
2011-01-01 15:49:55
Time for big bore
2011-01-01 16:38:55
Spark plug gasket leaking bad maybe ? I hope its nothing major.

2011-01-01 16:58:31
I hope so bro. I have another block that I wanted to go big bore but now I feel like selling everything. The motor was so strong and fresh. AFR's always sat perfect and I didn't even beat on it like that. Did everything I had to do religiously.

I'll do a comp test in a little bit if I can find someone with one. I'll let you guys know whats up.
2011-01-01 18:14:30
Bes gimmie a call if u need a hand or tools im in the area untill monday..
2011-01-01 18:29:05
Bes were in ny ?

2011-01-01 19:57:15
Did u check to see if your throttle body screw is still in the throttle body?
2011-01-01 20:01:47
^ this or maybe a shim.
2011-01-01 20:34:42
Here are the tinings to make a car run on 3 cylinders.

1. bad spark plug
2. band inj
3. band spark plug wire
4. oil in spark plug hole

Check these things first, then move onto the next thing.
2011-01-01 21:41:44
I'm further upstate Strat. Monticello area. Mad deep haha.

Did a compression test and #4 has 0 compression. Probably a cracked ring land or hole in the piston. I checked over all the basic and nope. All wiring is solid, TB screws intact, shims were in place. Gotta rip it down to a bare block yet again. This shit is getting old.

Thanks for the ideas guys. Appreciate it. I'll try to not let it get to me and sell everything. Shits rough.
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