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Thread: VVL switching points with VET

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2010-11-24 00:42:35
VVL switching points with VET
have a basic avenir t25 set up on my SR20VE with a calum basic, 370 injectors, walbro 255, z32 maf, and afpr at 4bar. curious where i should be setting my vvl. Ran the car with vvl disconnected at first and it was great. Hooked it up with both cams activating at 5200 and it feels like the power plateau's after.. should i change my cam switching to more like 6k?
2010-11-24 01:34:08
what are your afr's?

should look into gettin a realtime of some sort an tuning it.

i would guess with a turbo setup you would want to engauge vvl sooner, try something like 4000 or 4500
2010-11-24 04:05:03
I learned from the local VE-T guys that they switch their cams around 4-4200.
2010-11-24 04:08:50
Mine are way down there as far as switching as well , I feel your power is feeling like that because the T25 is so small
2010-11-24 16:25:43
i definately need some tuning and a wideband.. But like i said, before the vvl was activated it felt better. my t25 hits full boost at like 3200 which is wonderful and i like how there is no lag.. i might end up goin with a disco potato in the end though if i cant get the t25 tuned better. ill try engaging at 4200 and see how that goes
2010-11-24 16:33:53
I would go with a large framed T2 turbo like a 2871r with .86 exhaust housing. The VE head wants to flow but your choking it up with the baby t25. I personally would invest into a T3 setup. You can source a log manifold, downpipe, IC piping, etc fairly cheap.
2010-11-24 16:45:10
T25 is way too small for a VE.
2010-11-24 16:47:15
yeah, i was just goin with the budget build my first time around.. spent less than $500 on my full turbo set up so i will definately upgrade in the future..
2010-11-24 16:55:15
and this has all been discussed before. the VET with t25 has been done before and put down impressive numbers. i know its not the ideal setup but for a cheap daily driver it works.. i was just asking about ideal switching points and if anyone had any experience with finding the optimal timing
2010-11-24 17:00:01
I wouldn't be surprised if you took it to the dyno and compared switching the cams to not switching and found that not switching the cams produced a better power curve.
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