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Thread: Xcessive plenum - which runners?!

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2010-11-15 15:36:27
Originally Posted by craiGTi
what psi would you expect then? they're not n1 pistons they're 12.5:1 CPs

even though there's no accurate correlation.

we got a 12:1 de build here reading 180psi, it was like 130 with stock 10:1 pistons in beforehand

Then you got a bad gauge, 130 on a "flat top 10:1" DE is a bit low!! My Ve stock had 215 and with the notched N1 it now has 270psi
2010-11-15 15:37:53
Originally Posted by craiGTi
oohhh, that just scraped 13, i see what you mean lol

yeh no-one with any balls or decent build put the effort in since then. wezz woulda beaten that with a raised rev limit, and wezzs engine was very lightly modded.

we'll see this year

*sets self up for fall*

doing 12's in the islands all goes well nov 28th.. get ya games up boys

wolVEpack representing!
2010-11-15 15:40:58
hmm, well i've had mixed results, suppose it depends how hot when done.

I remember one test showing 265-270 across the board. I was struggling with det on first mapping, and fitted a 1.5mm cosworth gasket which still gave over 250psi.

I could do with another comp test when at full temp to make sure i guess. But it's even across the board so it's healthy
2010-11-15 15:46:45
thicker headgasket... there you go, compression reading is fair... hope you have a daughterboard setup to sort the Detonation... dont botch the high comp setup like I did
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