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Thread: Xcessive plenum - which runners?!

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2010-11-14 18:25:03
those are some very good gains!!! Thanks for posting the graphs!!
2010-11-15 11:58:07
jesus yeh around 20hp at 8k+ and what 10hp peak. Need custom IM. now
2010-11-15 13:38:52
LOL, just when I thought you'd made up your mind on keeping stock IM and fitting S&R and having a few more revs.
2010-11-15 13:39:42
well funny thing is that output is looooow... i had the same amount with my previous setup. I botched a high compression build so that dyno result is a VE with bout 9.8-10:1 compression...
Wait and see, I just rebuilt my high comp setup, running bout 11.5-11.7:1 (flat top pistons with decked head and block), also shortened my freaking long 4-1 header so I should have some nice 8K and beyond power
2010-11-15 13:46:44
Am I gonna get the car today to put on some miles so you can get to tune by next week?

I say 202whp minimum

2010-11-15 13:59:15
Yep, you probably can get it tonight... Yay for a friend that live farrrrrr lol
2010-11-15 14:31:08
ahh, so yours is the n14 i saw on nizmo's thread on AOC.

mine's pretty similar build then, 12.5:1 n1's etc. I could really use an IM like yours i think.

got a toss up at the minute cash wise, custom IM or freshly rebuilt shorter ratio vlsd box instead of my stock open diff shit?! leaning towards the box

EDIT: WOAH, how the fook you runnin flat tops with n1s?! and decked? which pistons surely that would be way over 12:1 with serious contact issues lol. i'm clearly missing something here...
2010-11-15 14:35:18
VZ-R box is great. Better mod than more power.
2010-11-15 14:40:33
could you do a compression test warm and let me know the psi readings... thanks. and yep, wolVEpack: niZmo , blo0d & thor
2010-11-15 14:43:58
yeh man i've done loads and mine come out around 250psi, towards 260+ when real hot

not sure on my actual c/r with how much was taken off my head and block, but i've had trouble with getting a decent timing map cos of det even on 99ron uk
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