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Thread: is this correct timing setup?

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2010-10-13 02:44:31
After I figured out my problems, the more and more I see these kinds of threads, it is more frustrating because...
A) It is easy for anyone to pull a valve cover and play with the cams when many things need to be in sync
B) We all use different terms to describe things and 90% of the time, the person with the problems is describing the wrong thing.

Maybe that is why I had such a lack of responses for months regarding the issue. When I figured it out, I have zero explanation for why it was except for the one Cliff gave me. I probably had slack on the exhaust cam gear down to the crank gear and when it started it made the whole timing of the car advanced ever so slightly to get a 15* reading with a light gun.

20 rollers, 11 links in the chain between dots on the cam gears.

The dowel pin hole on the cam gears need a specific orientation as well. The intake cam gear dowel pin should be around 10:30 to 11:00 o clock and the exhaust cam should be at 12 o clock or maybe a little over 12 o clock. That is how mine is set right now and it reads correctly.

If your car is off 20* of timing, depending on which way it is, it will either A) Not start with the dizzy set in the middle or B) Be super advanced that it will detonate probably.

I know from personal experience that when you retard the exhaust cam and leave the intake cam alone, the car will not start unless you fully advance the dizzy all the way to the front of the car. And at that point, I was kissing my pistons as well with stock springs and the BC stage 2 cams.

Good luck, PM me if you want some help or advice.
2010-10-17 13:49:22
got everything back as it was, with the crank pulley at TDC, have the gear teeth on the sprockets as below, and 20pins between the two dots on the cam sprockets, the cam dowel pins also look to be at 12 exh and 10 intake.

Originally Posted by Autech

end thread.

though what doesn't look good is, that there seems to be some slack between exh cam and crank
2010-10-18 08:58:09
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Just remember people if you crank sprocket is off one tooth, that makes the cams off by 20 degrees of mechanical timing and the car runs like total crap. It's hard to ignore.

It is for this reason that i never ever ever ever rely on the colour of links method.

I always go of mechanical TDC (piston top of stroke) and then set cams up as per diagram.

if you do it this way you are assured to never have an issue.

20 links or 19 gaps as i count them between both timing marks.
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