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Thread: Mazworx N/A Header......

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2010-10-07 04:37:24
Originally Posted by vqman
if only oooo to O were possible...

It is but your not going to spend the money to do it. U need to dry sump your motor and you will have more than enough to have your collector the way you want it.
2010-10-07 04:52:27
Originally Posted by vqman
like this:

you get the idea.. i am not photoshop guru.. but I would pay $900 for a 4-1 like this.. I do not know if there is enough room from left to right under the engine for it though..

Go and build one and tell us how it goes. I bet the Mazworx's header will still be better.

Originally Posted by vqman
I am also being told that to get the correct scavenging effct you can't go:

oooo to O

you have to do it like they did:

88 to O

if you know what I mean..

Very unique engineering terms you are using.
2010-11-22 05:02:34
I want one....
2010-11-22 05:26:11
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Did you guys find the non-traditional cylinder pairing to perform better in your testing?

Originally Posted by Naghebe
It's a 4-1......

I'm pretty sure it still matters, 4 - 1 or not. the length of the tubes that should be paired should be the same, just my speculation but everything has a purpose.
2010-11-22 14:05:42
I have heard that smooth bends and large radius bends are more important that exact same length. As long as they are close...
2010-11-22 17:26:52
nice header, keep up the good work mazworx
2010-11-22 19:35:41
@ Blood, I second that!

one of the finest header ever made for the sr20ve/de!

gains should be impressive

come on guys, show us the dyno sheets

2010-11-23 23:59:02
Originally Posted by niZmo

come on guys, show us the dyno sheets

i thought you knew. they're sworn to secrecy
2010-11-24 14:38:55
Originally Posted by Teal97
i thought you knew. they're sworn to secrecy



it's either of 2 things:

1. the headers make so much power that the buyers dont want to share so others will be competitive (in terms of speed)

2. the buyers are not happy about the results.

2010-11-24 20:53:17
results can be tweak'd to show anything anyways. . .
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