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Thread: Mazworx N/A Header......

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2010-11-24 20:58:10
maybe no ones put theirs on yet, or maybe just hasn't made it to the dyno yet.. give it time, supposedly they arent makin any more anyway..
2010-11-25 04:57:55
So this header is now known as the "Ninja SR20 header" until someone posts a back to back comparo dyno.
2010-11-25 05:01:26
i bet it makes more then a ssac
2010-11-25 08:56:58
^ i should hope so for the $$$ difference LOL
2010-11-26 05:21:48
There is one on its way to me. I run SSAC 2.5 at present. I will post my experiences.
2010-11-26 06:52:20
Originally Posted by Loek
There is one on its way to me. I run SSAC 2.5 at present. I will post my experiences.

2010-11-26 14:52:09
sweet, it would be great to see a direct comparison with no other changes...
2010-11-26 16:39:04
a friend of mine bought one of the mazworx 4-1 header

1. sr20ve stock
2. 3 inch exhaust
3. chipped ecu
4. buddy club vtec controller
5. stock intake pipe with cone filter

before, he had complete (with factory down pipe) sr20ve header

before: 188whp, 144tq (tuned)

with mazworx: 186whp, 146tq (untuned)

with mazworx: 205.5whp, 158tq (tuned)

before you start the bashing:

1. the runs with and without mazworx header were a few weeks apart. however, no other mods or tuning was done during the period of time

2. as soon as he gets the stock heder dyno sheet, i will post as i know it's almost meaningless without other dyno

3. mazworx dyno session was done with a slipping pp (as i type, that is being changed)

2010-11-26 16:42:56
^^^this is on stock cams?
2010-11-26 16:44:47
Originally Posted by eggman
^^^this is on stock cams?

yep, stock cams. the way the curve falls off gives an hint

dont watch the dyno #

it reads differently from others we have here.

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