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Thread: SR20ve Spark Plug Gap

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2010-08-15 17:37:19
SR20ve Spark Plug Gap
For those of who gap spark plugs, what gap do you use?

SR20ve with i/h/e and chipped ecu.


2010-08-15 18:20:47
I ran Bkr6e-11 coppers straight up on my VE. Similar setup.
2010-08-15 22:51:01
Moved to VVL section.
2010-08-15 22:58:36
-11's are 44 thou. straight bkr6e' i ran @ 32-34 thou.
2010-08-16 03:28:35
Originally Posted by Teal97
-11's are .44 thou. straight bkr6's i ran @ 32-34 thou.


2010-08-16 21:48:08
i have them gapped at .44 also.
2010-08-16 22:09:18
I run them as large as you can go before they start to break up..
2010-08-17 02:25:03
Same here... Running 0.5x inch
2010-08-17 02:34:24
i run iridiums, an from what i've read (even on ngks website) is its not reccomended to gap them because you might brake the tip off.. i dont recall what plugs they are off hand but they are ngk iridiums.. so do i jus leave them like the site said or what? car runs like a champ an theres never any issues..
2010-08-17 02:45:24
You can gap iridiums but don't touch the tip. I run 32-34 boosted wanted a bigger gap for na.
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