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Thread: Hesitation During Vvl Activation

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2010-07-15 17:38:48
Hesitation During Vvl Activation
Any One Ever Experience Some Hesitation While The Vvl Is Kicking In. This Started After I Installed My Sr16 Cams I'm Running A Greddy Mss To Activate The Cams @ 4800rpm. This Only Happens Sometimes
2010-07-15 18:34:31
Could be a ground. Greddy Mss can be very sensitive about where it takes its signal from as well. (so can the other stuff but Mss more so imo)
2010-07-15 20:10:00
Maybe it just pull so hard it feels like a hesitation? lolz j/k
2010-07-16 21:34:21
is the car mapped to the lower vvl points, mine has a flat spot around 5k as its not fully mapped yet
2010-07-16 22:50:17
My buddies 200sx does the same exact thing but i think we figured out that it was something to so with the franklin cams as it tends to hesitate at around 6000 rpms and then at about 7200 rpms the exhaust note just goes flat and has absolutely no power. They are the franklin stage 3's which are supposed to be equivelent to n1 cams.

With vvl off it pulls strong all the way to 8k on the small lobes and is almost faster than on the high lobes. Im thinking its a way the cams were cut.

He is gonna pick up a set of N1 cams and see if that helps. He is running a Calum realtime and ive done tuning on it before with stock ve cams without problems and i know its not a tuning issue.

Your problem sounds more like a tune issue though.
2010-07-16 23:23:57
look inside the solenoids and check for oil.
2010-07-17 19:03:27
might be running rich, or re-check timing
2010-07-20 16:52:36
my motor does the same and i believe it might have something to do with the tune as i have a calum basic setup for reg 20ve cams....i didnt have that issue with the stock cams. i have noticed that it really only happens in like 3rd gear and up if ur going slow then into VVL, if you are already on the high lobes by 3rd, youre good as by the time u get into 3rd ur already past that lag in the powerband.. get a tune.... try diff activation points for the vvl..... I LOVE how much of an attitude these motors have (SIKE) but every motor runs diff so try diff settings..
2010-07-20 22:37:11
I had a similar thing happen to me a few years ago...car ran fine but when VVL engaged it started hesitating or sputtering like activating and deactivating the cams.

it would do it sometimes only but then it got to a point it just started giving trouble everytime I engaged.

It was my Alternator giving trouble...changed it (repair it) and it worked fine again.

I would give that a look before going around changing cams...the cam it self shouldn't do that.

and I use greddy mss.
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