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Thread: Failed Wa state Emissions (PASSED)

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2010-07-14 00:08:50
Failed Wa state Emissions (PASSED)
im so pissed right now.. i failed the damn idle emissions, cruise emissions were fine tho.. what really ticks me off is how many other cars i've takin through or friends have an they passed.. i mean my old GA b13 passed with flyin colors an it ran like shit.. same with my buddys E model b13.. hell even my gf's g20 passed (at the time it still had the de but ran like dog poo)

my buddy just went through with his sr16ve se-r an it passed.. altho i think he had to replace the cat.. he still had the stock one from 92 lol.. his freakin turbo nx passed also an he didnt have to touch a thing..

heres the test sheet thing..

any ideas? i've got some but i gotta head back to work so i'll post em there..
2010-07-14 00:26:18
ok so my ideas are..

retard timing, check plugs, use my zeitronix wideband as a narrow band an unplug the stock one cause its prolly toast.. prolly gonna lower the idle more cause it was at like 1060.. also going to change the fuel filter...

any other ideas? i've only got a few days left before im expired

could it possibly be because i plugged my IACV an i use my TB to adjust idle?
2010-07-14 02:26:50
just give it a quick tune-up. Oil change, new plugs and some dry gas also lower the rpm's to around 850-900. My car idled around the same as yours and i lowered the idle to around 8-900 rpm and when it got dark out and the i turned on the lights it went down even more so i just set my idle with all the accessories on.
2010-07-14 02:48:58
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty

could it possibly be because i plugged my IACV an i use my TB to adjust idle?

ding ding ding,
2010-07-14 03:47:46
hmm that sucks cause im broke as a joke an my iacv doesnt work right..

guess im gonna do what i can an see if i can get her to pass
2010-07-14 04:17:02
Install an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Turn it down to 35 or 30psi on the gauge. Go through your test, and pass. That's how I passed the last two times. Know about it.
2010-07-14 18:39:24
Oh yeah I forgot you had that idle-rig shit. Yeah that's not the right way to do it. VE's should run much cleaner than yours. Mine flew through with 16ve cams in Oregon.
2010-07-14 19:19:36
yea man.. from reading all over the internet it looks like i only barely failed..

i've read a few things where people were runnin much dirtyer an they were able to pass by retarding the timing so what im going to do is, change my fuel filter, retard the timing to like 10* an check my plugs an stuff.. i have a spare maf im gonna put on also just incase.. an hope that works..

another thing i forgot to mention is i stopped just before goin to the emissions place an got some 7/11 gas... thats something i dont normaly run so maybe it had something to do with it.. i read that bad gas can also cause these problems..

if i fail again.. i may just swap my friends DE in an put my spare g20 ecu in an run it through.. i bet it would pass then!! lol.. seems like alot of work but i could easily swap the de in within a day.. an then another day to put the ve back in.. as long as i pass an dont have to spend a bunch of cash it would be worth it.. lol
2010-07-14 20:01:14
Just turn down the idle speed and test again. Don't ever go to a smog station with a high idle.
2010-07-14 20:03:59
ah yes! im gonna turn that down also..

the reason for the fuel filter is cause its really old, an i have a z32 one to put in.. i read that low fuel pressure can also be a cause..

thanks guys i'll let ya know what happens
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