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Thread: Whats A Good Vvl Activation Point With Sr16 Cams

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2010-07-09 17:55:38
Whats A Good Vvl Activation Point With Sr16 Cams
I Just Recently Install Some Sr16 Cams In My Ve Just Wondering If Anyone Any Suggestions On Vvl Activation Points Right Now I Have Them Set Both Intake And Exhaust At 4700rpm. I Havent Had A Chance To Put It On The Dyno
2010-07-09 17:59:48
4800 is most common for stock 20 cams for the most smooth hit point.

The higher you put the changeover, the bigger the hit - that being said you have to get up there to hit it then ha ha

There is a SLEW of threads on this - worth searching in the vvl section a little.
2010-07-09 18:37:35
It all depends on your header, but w the typical ssac style 4800 is perfect for both sr16 and 2.0 cams.
2010-07-09 18:38:32
it depends on many different things. Get it on a dyno and find where yours makes the smoothest curve.
2010-07-09 19:14:54
Dyno is the only real way of knowing. We found my car made most power along with a smooth curve at 5600. GL!
2010-07-09 19:30:20
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
Dyno is the only real way of knowing.

^^^^X2. every engine is different...

2010-07-09 19:36:41
Yeah a dyno would be ideal, he said he hasn't had a chance to put it on a dyno yet.

With std 16 cams and a ssac style header you will be pretty damn close at 4.8k.

Another thing though is that diff dynos will look diff, for example, I used to do all my tuning on a mustang dyno, this is where I tuned my stock cams and std 16 cams and found 4800 was perfect, then once I started using a dyno jet, the curve wasn't as smooth, it had to be raised to be smooth. Now that I'm doing all my tuning on a dynodynamics it reads diff aswell. The power band makes peak power at a diff rpm.. so really the cam switch is not a big deal, get it close. But as I said the header and cams are the biggest factors..
2010-07-11 07:15:51
Most of you guys are saying 4800 would that be for both intake and exhaust cam?
2010-07-11 16:31:03
Yes that is definately a good starting point until you hit the dyno, then you can make your changes from there.
2010-07-12 16:41:49
You will be fine between 4600 and 5000. Mine are set at 4600 - dyno proven.

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