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Thread: hp lost from wheel wieght

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2010-07-09 11:34:46
I can tell you now going from a 16.5kg stock 15" Pulsar SSS wheel (B14 SER wheel) to a 12.95kg Forged Volk Racing wheel (with rubber) there is a significant difference in the way the car rides and drives, and its a good difference.

As mentioned, its rotational mass as well that the car has to accelerate everytime you get on the gas.
2010-07-09 11:52:14
^ but............... should it change the dyno figures for whp?
2010-07-09 11:55:06
Power is consumed accelerating the rotational mass so i imagine there would be a gain, but i've never done any kind of testing or have any kind of proof. Would be interesting to test one day though for sure.

EDIT: a hub dyno would of course remove any kind of wheel weight variable.
2010-07-09 13:12:54
I don't have the link but I will look for it, but Dave bushcur from bushcur racing swapped the factory evo brakes for some thinner much lighter drag race brakes and was suprised to see a hp increase. So yeah a wheel weight would be comparable.
2010-07-10 01:58:49
I would imagine its a good difference on a roller dyno. Heck, import tuner did a dyno comparison with just tire pressure being at 20psi and 32psi and it was like a 7whp difference just from tire pressure. This was on their ls integra.
2010-07-10 02:24:37
I would imagine it's just as important as changing a Crank pully or any rotational mass. I'v picked up a B14 wheel then an RPF1 and almost threw the rim threw a window,haha. So I could see a lose in HP from a heavier wheel...
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