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Thread: did the tire diameter make such diff on MPH??

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2010-06-10 21:04:13
Originally Posted by joelosr20
Ok heres my question i just arrived from the track my specifications are this:
B13 Stock Internal VE
SR16 Trans
Gspec pulley
Stock SE-R 14" Rims with 185/60R14 tires
engine rated at 177WHP and 138TQ

my better numbers before the tranny change and the dyno setting where between 14.6 to 14.5 @95 or 96.

Now almost all people said that with the SR16 tranny i should be gaining MPH on the track but i'm experiencing the opposite.

Today i just arrived and the first run where 14.4@95 and another one of 14.3@94 and then all over the night my runs where of 14.3@95 mph constantly with tires set to 15psi and awful threadwear over 400...lol. But after leaving the track i added the air to the tires and did a last ride and my numbers where 14.5@96.8 almost 97 with tires at 30psi of course the tire spin where huge.

Also i notice that the track reading gave me from 94 to 96 and all my passes i was seeing on the speedometer just when i hit the light a 100MPH reading... is the Speedometer that WAY OFF reading??...

Thanks any advice is welcome!

well if u do a dyno pull with your tires set at 15psi u are going to have less power do to the drag of the tire. and thats y u are getting a low MPH because of the drag.
2010-06-11 14:48:14
Originally Posted by TheRealNighthog

STFU and GTFO they're not talking to you PENDEJO
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