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Thread: N/A Header 4-1 **Please comment**

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2010-03-18 23:58:53
N/A Header 4-1 **Please comment**
My friend and I allready finished my 4 into 1 header and he's thinking about making headers for those who likes them. Im gonna post a picture of mine ( unfinished) and you tell me what do you think. Later I'll post pics of the finished product with the ceramic coating.

Header is 4-1 desing, step desing, 2.25 "choke" and 2.5 to 3' outlet.
2010-03-19 00:00:03

remember this are unfinished pics, the final product looks much better.
2010-03-19 00:41:56
love to see it finish and dyno
2010-03-19 00:42:40
Originally Posted by mercado
love to see it finish and dyno

You sure will!
2010-03-19 06:23:36
Looks like mine except for the rust and collector.
2010-03-19 07:51:57
oh would like to get this if they're not too much $$$$
2010-03-19 11:04:08
Jeje the rust is free! That's what happens when you store without painting.
2010-03-19 15:07:06
Step looks weird.. its looks like it goes from bigger to smaller diameter?
2010-03-19 15:11:41
Certainly looks that way. What are the diameters of the primaries and secondaries? Also, non-merge collector? Whats the target price here?
2010-03-19 15:31:38
Yes, that's my spec's header, but can be done from smaller to bigger tubes. We are wating to dyno it to see numbers and then we talk about prices. This is a copy from a header he has in a B20 and its working excelent, keeping HP and a good curve. Lets hope it work for me, when the header is finished ill go dyno it.
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