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Thread: Something all VE owners would want

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2010-03-04 19:29:30
Something all VE owners would want
Guys, I'm finishing up a prototype for y'all to think about if you'd want one.

I'm sick and tired of that damn white VE IACV screw messing up because it's plastic. so sick in fact that I've designed an adapter plate made out of 1.25" aluminum that will allow you to use a DE IACV (since we all have a bunch lying around) and never have to pay $150 for a new VE IACV ever again. I mean let's face it, we're all wanting to keep our engines forever, and the supply of VE IACV's is pretty limited. This is the most reliable alternative to getting another VE IACV, and a long term fix of the stupid white screw problem.

The kit will include both necessary Gaskets, 4 allen bolts, 4 hex bolts, High grade Aluminum conversion piece, and necessary hose adapters.

Total cost will be $65 per kit.

$10 of that is my labor cost, since each peice takes about an hour and a half to make. Would anyone be interested?
2010-03-04 19:49:01
2010-03-04 19:55:30
my prototype is made of wood ha ha - I can't make a larger investment in making one unless we get the interest - but since it will be typically buried by the wire harness, it really doesn't matter how pretty it looks
2010-03-05 07:53:04
It it doesnt involves soldering the VE harness and everything will keep running perfectly I would be interested
2010-03-05 08:01:35
white screw?

i have a black knob..
2010-03-05 08:08:50
I have never messed up one of those screws on a VE or DE. If you are having to adjust it that much that is it messing up you have problems else where.

You can get IACV for $60-$80.

Also never seen a white screw. I have always seen black plastic or sometimes metal screws.
2010-03-05 08:57:28
I'm not sure what probelm were talking about here.. never had an issue w any ve iacv?
2010-03-05 08:59:51
IACV on Gspec

the black knob is on the right in the picture..
2010-03-05 12:01:53
these idle controls are alot better design than the older one. there should be no problems with them at all. if there is... most likely the problem i somewhere else. maybe the mechanical cold idle start. when it is operating the idle control really cant do anything about it. maybe this can be mistaken that the idle control is giving problems.
2010-03-05 14:15:21
and usually you can adjust that black knob by hand....
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