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Thread: Issue with running VE distributor

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2010-02-28 06:00:13
Issue with running VE distributor
Hey guys, it seems like my buddies car is having an issue with running the VE distibutor. Think of how your car sounds when its decelerating, that flat tone that the motor and exhaust makes. When under WOT its doing that same thing when it hits 7500 rpms, and from 6k and up it misfires.

Im almost thinking the ecu is getting a bad signal from distro. Its a brand new ve distribotor and this and the other one both did this.

At one point for two pulls 1st-3rd it stopped doing it when we were doing some tuning runs on the RT ecu and man did it pull strong all the way to 9k with the N1 cams but then the next tries it went back to going flat and misfiring in the same spots.

Wanted to know if anyone has had problems like this for those running a VE distributor. He is gonna go back through and redo the wiring for it as he used crimp connectors on all the wires. Im gonna solder and heatshrink them. Other than that if it doesnt work he is gonna go back to a DE distro. This is on a B14 btw.

Ill keep this updated when we find out whats happening.
2010-02-28 06:28:02
is this peter your talkin about?
2010-02-28 11:29:38
Running the VE distributor on a B13 with no problems, took out the resistor that was in the harness as there is one in the VE distro. Can't say where the resistor is on a stock B14 circuit or even if it could be your problem. I'm also running an RT, 8K & no missfire. Crimped connections are heatshrunk. I'm pretty sure you wired it right as you are always spot on with your work so recheck everything and see what happens.
2010-02-28 21:06:08
if its an intermittent issue its probably a bad wire some where. with the dist either it works all the time or they don't from what i have seen same with the ecu.
2010-02-28 23:02:17
well its not necessarily an intermittent issue, it doesnt work most of the time, then every once in a while it works fine, then goes back. Then some times worse than others. But always cuts out at 7500 no matter what. Im gonna clean up all the wires. I already found one wire that was only attached by one thread of copper. So hopefully redoing it will help.

Im not the one that wired it up. Also he has a knock sensor circuit malfunction but from what ive seen that will not affect the motor that way.
2010-03-01 01:53:40
just rewired the distro and its still doing the same thing. One thing i noticed but doesnt do it every time is when it starts to cut out and go flat and misfire the tach will start acting jumpy. Im almost thinking the ecu is getting a bad tach signal from or getting a bad signal from something. But it literally goes flat with no power when it does it and cuts in and out quickly enough to where it will still accelerate to 9k but fights to get there.

Its the weirdest thing, He is gonna swap his b14 distributor back on and see if it continues and if so then ve one goes back on and we search from there. If it stops then we know its a problem with the distro.
2010-03-01 02:02:07
well atleast he didnt pay a whole lot for it :P
2010-03-01 02:13:10
lol, im assuming he got it from you, haha. Well i dont think its an actual problem with the distributor itself, it might just be the an issue the car is having with it running. Both ve distributors are doing the same thing so i highly doubt its an actual distributor problem.

We will find out whats going on sooner or later.
2010-03-01 02:19:23

i hate "problems" i just wish there was a magic button to push to make cars run right lmao!
2010-03-02 02:41:36
Check the timing.
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