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Thread: 16ve harness compatible with b13 dash harness?

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2010-02-28 01:36:35
16ve harness compatible with b13 dash harness?
just wondering if we'll have to mod anything or if it will just plug right in..
2010-02-28 05:46:53
or will the 16ve ecu work with the de harness?
2010-02-28 11:45:06
Yeah the 16ve ecu works with the DE harness but your 2.0 VE will run lean unless you have an AFPR or change to 370cc inj. Speed limited to 109mph with the 16ve ecu even though you get the 8K rev limit. As far as the VE harness I haven't heard of anyone using it on a DE since a lot of the connectors are different. I ran a 16ve ecu for a while and it did fine but I have an AFPR.
2010-02-28 12:07:49
well heres the deal, my friends gettin a sr16ve swap from miko, engine/ecu/harness/maf The works! an he wants to drop it in just like that and set his old stuff aside.. our concerns are if the plugs under the dash (not including the ecu plug cause thats obvious lol) will plug right in or not.. also, he will be runnin a speedo cable, would that be a problem? or maybe even solve the 109 mph issue?
2010-02-28 13:51:16
I would think that since the SR16VE came out of the N15(B14) the harness probably would work in a B14 not B13.
2010-02-28 14:19:17
I would just use the original harness with pieces of the SR16 harness and a calum ECU.
2010-02-28 20:53:54
Yeah just use the main harness.
2010-02-28 21:03:58
n15 is still obd1 i think so it might work in a b13 def not a b14
2010-02-28 21:10:10
It will work. Just swap everything from SR16VE (maf, ecu, harness,..).
2010-02-28 22:27:31
ok cool i guess we'll find out when the time comes

basicly my friend just wants to run the sr16ve completely stock until next year when we'll either make it a 2.0 or who knows..

thanks guys
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