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Thread: 16ve harness compatible with b13 dash harness?

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2010-03-01 00:54:48
when i bought my swap from ebay every thing sr16ve i install it with the stock sr16ecu but with b13 harness and it work fine and then took a b13 the ecu to PAYU and he did a bin for the stock sr16 with no rev liimit and cams were at 5200 it had ssac header and 2.5 full exhaust and short ram air took it to the dyno it did 165whp soo i can tell you your friend will have funn
2010-03-01 01:01:05
cool, we'll figure it out he's going to do a light weight flywheel, pulleys, ssac, short ram intake, 2.5 exhaust an run the stock sr16 ecu, we'll prolly activate the cams at 5100 or 5200
2010-03-01 01:34:44
with the stock ecu and the caams at 5200 it feelt like sht ihad put them like at 5700 or 5800 to feel them well any way you will see what im talking abuot whem you run it at 5200 but with the sr16 bin you will feel a big hp diffrence
2010-03-01 01:47:29
he's going to try to run the sr16 ecu and harness an just run a rpm switch for the cams
2010-03-01 01:53:02
but if his going to run the ve harnees just put the cams to switch at stock with the ecu
2010-03-01 02:23:28
yea maybe at first
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