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Thread: Some insight guys

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2010-02-22 22:46:48
Some insight guys
How do you guys feel about knifeing a SR20VE 4cw crank? Im not sure if i should do it because the crank is already very light and i hear its not perfectly balanced. I dont want to make it too fragile. I was gunna tear my motor down and i was jus wondering if i should get the crank knifed to make a nice clean rotation or do you guys think it will make the crank too light and fragile since it only has 4 cws. Or am i jus overthinkin and making no sense? lol let me know your insight guys thanks.
2010-02-22 23:30:49
I wonder that too sometime.
2010-02-22 23:37:33
As long as you take all of the usual precautions (keep the rotating assembly balanced) then I don't see a problem.
2010-02-22 23:41:04
I know a few guys who are using the 4CWC with no issues both on boost and NA. Like mentioned as long as things are balanced you should be good. People tend to stay away from them becuase they have excessive vibration at higher RPMs.
2010-02-22 23:49:45
Do it.

A properly knifed and balanced 4cw crank would be killer.
My original build was going to consist of a knifed 4cw and 90mm pistons.
2010-02-23 03:38:54
Sounds pretty good i think thats the route im going to go then. Hopefully theres no issues well see how it goes lol. thanks for the input guys. 92mm bore 12.5 comp with a knifed 4cwc lets see how it goes lol
2010-02-23 04:14:51
I would start at 90mm or even 91 just to be safe. Just in case something goes wrong/breaks you can always bore to 90.5mm or go 92mm worst case. Once you go 92 there is really no more room to play with. Unless you don't mind the risk. I am already looking to getting a spare block sleeved as I will be shooting some serious juice on my motor.
2010-02-23 04:38:53
i was thinking that too fiz sed the same thing you sed. im still thinking about which way to go. Who did you have cnc you head out to 90mm im thinking about getting that done aswell.
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