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Thread: What we've been up to(new numbers posted on page 5)

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2012-02-17 21:35:03
Originally Posted by cory
finally got around to getting some work done on the new manifold... still isnt complete yet but its finally starting to take shape..

definately still a little short but its better then the old manifold. 7in from stack to the head. 57mm tapering down to stock flange... hopefully it will be done shortly and i can get it on the head and see what the flow bench says in the next couple weeks.

Originally Posted by blo0d
could you explain to me the intricacies of the runners? they just look like cut alum pipes to me

cory youre still the man! wish my n/a success was like yours... too many distractions had me trying so many different setups you seem to keep the formula simple and direct. love the progress

Here. If you look at the pics above you'll see what's going on. As you know our flange is actually smaller then 2in pipe so even gasket matched it about 51m or so. What I've done was take a 2.5in pipe (57.25mm) and make pie cuts along each side of the runner to achieve a taper from 57 to around 52mms. Then topped off with the stacks on top.

No this isn't anything real special, but the taper should play a big role and especially with the oversized valves on my intake side I should really have good success with the added velocity. If you look at any of the high end race stuff youl see they generally have a taper.

Take for example the rediculous honda set ups with 62mm itbs lol.
2012-03-04 22:06:40
the manifold is all wrapped up other then the throttle body flange...

Also the new custom spec header is done. I'm really confident that this thing will absolutely rock over the previous specced header. Here are a couple pics...
2012-03-04 22:08:45
IMG_3389.jpg picture by mcs14 - Photobucket
IMG_3393.jpg picture by mcs14 - Photobucket
IMG_3381.jpg picture by mcs14 - Photobucket
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2012-03-04 22:22:53
Very cool. That header looks top notch. Hopefully these parts will send you deep into the 11's.
2012-03-04 22:23:12
I like this.
2012-03-04 22:30:07
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
Very cool. That header looks top notch. Hopefully these parts will send you deep into the 11's.

Hell with 11s, I was running quick enough to be 11.20s last year, really want to run 10s or atleast break 120mph barrier. I know I know I shouldn't say that but since I ran 11.6@118 with a 1.9 60ft I know if I could have brought the car back to the good track where I do 1.6s it would be a solid low 11. But well see. Hopefully this year it will happen.

Yeah it is. Imho he is the BEST header builder out there today. He's consistantly beaten burns, bisi and Asp headers. He's got good theorys and seems to be the shit. He built a header very recently for the tbautoworks all motor integra which was sponsered by bisibisi making 326whp and jacks first header attempt made 346! He's also just picked up pyroonto and has already found another 5whp for them aswell. I have a lot of faith in this guy!!
Last edited by cory on 2012-03-04 at 22-33-47.
2012-03-04 22:32:54
baller as hell

keep pushing the limits buddy
2012-03-04 22:33:32

sweet hope it works out good for you.
2012-03-04 22:33:58
That would be even better lol. Hopefully we can all figure out what makes the best power from the 2.2's to the 2.4's. Should be an interesting year.
2012-03-04 22:55:21
who made the header? looks really clean
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