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Thread: What we've been up to(new numbers posted on page 5)

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2010-08-20 03:59:42
2010-08-20 04:00:42
The man
2010-08-20 04:02:53
The tq is wicked! I have said it once and I will say it again big ups to Cory!
2010-08-20 04:03:04
WOW! you definetly picked up a crap ton of topend. Not only 10whp but you are holding your power out a ton more up top past 8k, looks like 30whp or so gain past 8500 and your torque down low has an insane pickup as well.

Congrats man, you will pick up an easy .3-.5 at the strip with that extra power band and power up top. What were you reving out to and what were the changes.
2010-08-20 04:07:15
Originally Posted by BlueRB240

2nd gear rolling burn outs FTW

I demand some vids!
2010-08-20 04:08:25
What forum. I'm curiois.

But that run was to 9500rpm. Also the huge tq gain on the low cam is deceiving. We couldn't run much timing because of knock w the n1 low cam.. But now with the larger low cam the motor will accept more timing down low and this is where most of the low end gain is from. The straight base run with the 184c didn't gain any power till after 8.5k. Added timing to the old tune up to about 7k and pulled some on the top end... cam switch is still at 6k. This is nice because I will be able to stay obove 260whp for almost the whole 1/4 pass!
2010-08-20 04:13:31
holy shit man! thats nice, Grazts dude you got quite a monster on your hands!!

Originally Posted by SR20GTi-R
2nd gear rolling burn outs FTW

I demand some vids!

2010-08-20 04:13:39
Yeah your power up top is insane. You gonna see the difference on the track for sure. How does that extra grunt feel down low?

So whats the next changes to help with the extra cam flow. Intake mani? It seems like you still got some new and improved room to go with these cams.
2010-08-20 04:21:49
Since I've gone big bore I need to build a diff header. I have some new specs in mind that I think will work a little better in the top end.. my intake mani does a pretty good job but its only flowing 90% of my heads intake flow as of now. I should not have a problem hitting 280whp on the stock stroke.
2010-08-20 04:25:24
hell yeah, these 2.4 boys coming up really have something awesome to look forward to. 300whp for them should be fairly easy if they have every detail setup correctly to match which im sure they will.

Truly inspiring, we are talking about going from ve's putting down 210 on average at the highest to this. lol. Big jump.

Makes me really just want to get out there and get my car out ASAP.
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