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Thread: What we've been up to(new numbers posted on page 5)

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2011-08-11 04:36:24
Sounds real healthy.
2011-08-11 04:42:41
Yup that's it.

2011-08-11 04:43:49
oh no, Thank You!
2011-08-11 04:44:08
2011-08-11 04:44:10
Sounds sick as hell, you finally went with open dp for some runs. Cut that 60ft down to a 1.61 which you have pulled and your at 11.1, sounds like you may have hit second a little early too and maybe shift a bit quicker on the 2-3 and 3-4. Just small things that make a decent difference. 10's is around the corner man. Keep it up.

How was the weather out when you ran as far as heat and humidity?

I think you will see 120 traps when it gets cooler out.
2011-08-11 04:45:56
2011-08-11 04:50:40
Keep it up, good stuff!
2011-08-11 04:52:00
Yeah these runs were done at the track in wi. Best 60ft I can do is high 1.7s my 11.60s were with 1.80s so when I go back to the nicer tracks, ceder falls or brainerd ill get back to low 1.60s which will all things equal should do 11.20. The weather was actually pretty good. In the mid 80s humidity in the upper 50s iirc. Really looking forward to going back to the sticky tracks.
2011-08-11 04:55:27
Yeah man, get to a sticker track, cooler weather without the humidity, and just some more seatime and i will bet you you will see 11.0-11.1's and 120 traps. Maybe a perfect run if you could pull a high 1.5 60ft 10.9. Keep up the good work man. Car sounds very very healthy
2011-08-11 13:29:02
Another thing I thought was crazy is I thought my 740cc at 4bar injectors were overkill but I was hitting 70% duty cycle with them at the trac, ofcourse that's with e85 but still. Also while logging the runs its finally clear that running the Mar out the headlight its affecting much. The Maf volts are almost identical to those while on the dyno
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