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Thread: What we've been up to(new numbers posted on page 5)

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2011-07-07 14:57:05
Current dyno vs last years set up

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2011-07-07 14:59:58

Took first in the all motor class. This is the event I just lost last year by. 012 of a second. This year in the final it was me vs the 300whp k24 crx. Some shop car out of Chicago. Neither of our car were running that well due to crazy humidity. His best trap was 118 and mine was only 116 or so. Felt great beating that k even though I shouldn't have.
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2011-07-07 15:08:46
Looks good. Can't wait to see it back on the dyno for more power.
2011-07-07 15:12:53
Originally Posted by cory

Made 285/210. So 15whp gain and 20wtq. But took the head back off, gasket was not sealing.
Ill be back to the dyno to test the old header as wel as hopefully testing another IM or two.

The picture above is of the combustion chamber w the gasket on. I remember a couple people wanted to see it.

what was the signs that lead u to do this....
2011-07-07 16:13:59
..on the "W". great rep for the nissan crowd
hmm, so this latest dyno was with the "spaghetti" header?
probably confused the exhaust gasses on which way to go
2011-07-07 16:40:52
2011-07-07 16:57:27
Originally Posted by THOR
what was the signs that lead u to do this....

Whenever I hit wot I would be pushing air/exhaust from the combustion chamber into the coolant passage. The car was good all of breakin until it saw wide open throttle. I tried to bleed the system but it was obvious what the issue was. I'm hoping I'm not stretching the stock head bolts. But that's very unlikely
2011-07-07 17:06:09
I doubt you are streching the headbolts but, for some peave of mind are aftermarket bolts in your plans?
2011-07-07 17:06:23
Time for some good head studs to seal that big bore up, might as well with so much money invested cory
2011-07-07 18:24:48
Congrats! I bet that did feel good beating a shop car with a "budget" sentra

With so little material between bores with a 92mm setup, I will be using head studs instead of oem bolts. I know that bolts are good for plenty of power but I want that little bit of reassurance.
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