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Thread: What we've been up to(new numbers posted on page 5)

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2010-08-22 01:11:54
lmao ^^ i meant to say makes her giney tingle lol but ya, same effect
2010-08-22 13:17:37
Originally Posted by Shawn
:However, now I really, really, want a daily-driver, full interior, B13 street vehicle, that can do a quarter mile in the 12's.

Hehe!!! Once you get a feel you will want more.

Sad thing some of us do not know how to stop.
2010-08-22 14:14:03
Originally Posted by SE-Rican

Sad thing some of us do not know how to stop.


The easy way out? Sell the car and buy something more practical. Just DO NOT get the itch to mess with it too.
2010-08-22 23:44:49
Originally Posted by Shawn

Wifey also knows this is the "never ending project."

exactly! " been going on for 14 yrs, ain't about to stop now"
2010-08-23 00:12:35
Cory..."continuing to increase the bar"!
this is some exciting news.
also, thanks to KELFORD for supporting further VE cam development. (i know where my cams are coming from)

(jwt, who?)
2010-08-25 02:31:49
Hi. Cory. What compression. Numbers do you have with the 12.1 piston at 92mm
2010-08-25 02:54:09
I'm running a 12.5:1 92 piston. So my compression is 12.5:1...... slightly lower from the clean up work in the cc
2010-08-25 03:32:51
In planing on doing the same but with at 90mm and I want it for daily use so was think ING no more 325 compress per. Cylinder but. Don't know what number of piston to use that's why o ask you how much you pet cylinder on your engine sooo
2010-08-25 14:00:05
12:1 is fine on pump gas. My motor runs pump gas all day long
2010-08-25 14:15:40
You will see some high compression numbers when up in the 12.5:1 range. My buddies 2.2 build the first time i compression checked it, broke my compression gauge first crank over, The first compression stroke on the cylinder hit 300psi and the next just slammed the gauge past that. My gauge only read to 300psi. So he was up there. Ran pump gas with no pinging at all. Tuned by me on a Calum Realtime.

You compression check yours yet Cory?
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