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Thread: What we've been up to(new numbers posted on page 5)

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2010-08-20 19:51:47
Thanx man. I'm planning on going to the test and tune next sat the 28th
2010-08-20 19:52:34
If you were running with 23in tires when you did the 11.8 at 115 MPH


with 22in tires you will go through the traps at 8350 RPMs doing 119 MPH and that will be a low 11.5. it could maybe do a 11.4. Thats if you get the same 60 ft times the 22 inch tire will do better or 23in tires with a 5.0 FD
2010-08-20 20:06:15
You guys should see Cory's tach when he's shifting. Shifting @9.3-5k it drops to 7k on the tach so the whole time the needle is in the redline zone.
2010-08-20 20:12:02
Dre... with the previous set up the 23s were quicker. They were 1tenth and 1mph better. but the second day at the track when the weather was nicer I was not able to make any runs with the 23s because one of our guys needed them. We didn't have the right lug nuts to run my bogarts on his car. So my 11.8s @ 115 were actually on the 22s....

But I believe now that I'm peaking slightly higher and holding the power so much better, I think the 22s wil actually work out better. I will hopefully try out both to see what works out best thogh.
2010-08-20 20:19:41
- People, let's not forget that Cory still has to be a pretty good driver to get times like this and I still believe your intake manifold is doing more than you are giving it credit for lol.
2010-08-20 20:25:23
Yeah thank you, the runs were pretty good driving. About as good as I could do. High 1.6 60fts and no lift shifts all the way down the track..

I know the intake is helping out a lot, as is the header. I'm just saying both could be improved. And on the flow bench the intake showed me how much its holding me back
2010-08-20 20:28:11
cory hes always busy at his shop. hes always more then happy to put his info out there to guys who are about it. he always has posted up his setups and what they made weither people decided to believe it or not. same went for kesi when he was doing the dayum thing. kesi were are you ?? but regardless when it goes down believe the info vids and times will be posted for sure bro !

Originally Posted by Re-spect
I'll trade ya Strat.

if your serious lets talk. just took it out for a real nice ride today, cleaned it up and about to go to jmr for another magazine shoot :0 . first one will be out sometime jan second one not to sure.

but pm me if your serious.

sorry for clogging up your thread jamie and cory.

dre you in the bushs grab rob and get a move on.

bump for fast all motor cars !! FINALLY !! im hype haha.

2010-08-20 20:39:17
I've pmed him a few times. No answer. Maybe he just doesn't like me lol
2010-08-20 20:50:51
So it should have went 11.7 w the 23s so then yeah 11.5 should not be a problem now!
2010-08-20 21:23:04
cory, this setup is nuts. if you go out tonight text me and i'll bring out my sh*tbox and i have to get a ride in this too.
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