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Thread: Another clutch blown! missing dowell pins!

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2011-07-22 19:48:30
the pins are dumb inportant. i took everything apart and only had one on the top. that one the hole was a lil egged out so the whole assembly couldn't be aligned corectly. but now with both pins in i shouldn't have a problem.
2011-07-22 20:06:42
Yup same thing happend to me. I only had one pin and I ripped 2 of the springs out of my disc the other 2 were ready to fall out. I made one out of a roll pin lol.
2011-08-24 01:15:25
Originally Posted by cory
Yup. This clutch feels like stock. But its great at the track too. Second gear burn outs all day long

What pressure plate? Just the one that comes with it?
2011-08-24 02:02:05
I just replaced my act disk that popped a spring recently too. I also only had one dowel pin in but this disk lasted about 40k miles. When I pulled it, it had a lot of life left if it weren't for the spring popping out. I found a sleeve at a local hardware store that was the same OD and length as the OEM dowel pin. This time the trans went in easy, compared to last time.
2011-08-24 12:27:51
One more kit arrived! This is a best SR20 FWD clutch I ever tried. Exedy not worth its cost.

2011-08-24 13:29:39
First time seeing a 9-puck clutch.
2011-08-24 14:41:14
I bet those springs will never fall out.
2011-08-24 15:13:24
Originally Posted by BenFenner
First time seeing a 9-puck clutch.

Yep! And they are made from Fiber Carbon!
2011-08-24 15:13:51
Originally Posted by kevwal
I bet those springs will never fall out.

For sure.
2011-08-24 15:23:08
Best clutch i've ever used is a father & son clutch made by a local moms and pops shop 1800 lb on pressure plate six puck with usa made pucks and springs still holding up on my brother gti-r that put down 380 hp at the dyno and its real soft... also on my cousins avenir set up and my friends ve softer than a act hd with street strip and it doesn't chatter a lot like i thought it would
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