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Thread: Another clutch blown! missing dowell pins!

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2010-01-28 20:51:49
Another clutch blown! missing dowell pins!
right now i have the hd/ss act setup. i think i puked a spring , checking on that this week (clutch won't disengage, but my cable is also fubarred ). if it is the disc, would the b15 disc be good with the act hd plate? or should i get another act ss disc?

my mods are:
thermal spacers
stock rubber hose with cone filter
ssac 2.5
hks 2.36 exhaust
calum ecu.

the only other mods i wanna do are 16ve cams, 3inch exhuast, a real intake and a tune.

i searched alot and i'm getting conflicting info. i just wanna make an informed decision. thanks for any help.
on my ve-t i ran spec 6-puck clutches obviously overkill for what i'm running now.
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2010-01-28 21:24:42
Don't worry about it. My car never slipped ever, with exedy stg 1, basically stock replacement. Had it in for a couple years, ran into the 12s with it. Held over 210 whp
2010-01-28 22:56:47
Allright it's the disc. Haven't pulled it out but the plate should be good.

Thank Cory. The b15 disc with this plate seems good. Any other thoughts?
I'm thinking the plate I got, b15 disc, oem throw out bearing/w clips, miko bracket, and shifter bushings.
2010-01-28 23:48:48
The B15 disc is a winner with your setup. I've been using it for over 4 years, no issues.
2010-01-29 05:03:25
With this plate? Or another one?
2010-01-29 06:37:56
Used it with an ACT HD PP for the 4 years, best setup if you are doing street/strip duty. I downgraded to a JWT PP because the ACT was a bit stiffer than what I needed in a daily & I don't take the VE to the strip. ACT PP/B15 disc combo hooked up solid when I did push it hard.
2010-01-30 00:48:53
great! that's what i was thinking thanks!
2010-01-30 12:24:10
exedy stg1..great pedal and long lasting..
2010-01-30 15:40:15
Originally Posted by t
exedy stg1..great pedal and long lasting..

Yup. This clutch feels like stock. But its great at the track too. Second gear burn outs all day long
2010-01-30 17:51:27
and for the price it can't be beat-makes me wanna go back all motor
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