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Thread: p11 cluster - speedo

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2010-01-21 13:58:08
p11 cluster - speedo
hi all,

got a problem with my new cluster gauge...though mine is from a p11 with hyper cvt 9k max limiter...jdm with 180kph...now im trying to make it work from an existing sentra gauges that i have. i managed to make everything work except the speedo gauge...i hope someone from here could help me with it...

original gauge has analog type odo.
p11 has digital type odo.

i guess it could be the source of the problem.

i got the diagram below from another forum...now i am having problem with my original one, source from original is PIN6 to pin15 in the diagram below. but it doesnt work - based on the diagram on my old one, there are 4 PIN that says speedo...please help if anyone got an idea.

here it is, all working except speedo

details from the old gauge:
M102 - 8 wires

1 R/B High beam on indicator
2 B/Y Overdrive off indicator (auto only)
3 R/B Fuel indicator
4 Y/G Speedometer gauge
5 R/Y Meter illumination
6 G Speedometer gauge
7 R Speedometer gauge
8 B Speedometer gauge


now my engine is running on limp mode (sr16ve), cutoff at 6500. im guessing its not working at full potential since it cannot detect the speed which translate to no load which the engine is dependent. is there a way i can bypass this? please help
2010-01-21 15:58:12
to get the speedo u should change the sensor on the box from cable to electric and then u good to go....i had to do this on my set up.....ga15de to sr20ve.....didnt do it personally but this was what my electrician/mech did....this is in a n15 chassis

2010-01-21 18:30:42
very nice thor...thanks

i have an electronic speedo sensor already...waahh i love it i need that to be working.

just a quick question though, was ur old odo digital too?
2010-01-22 17:31:03
2010-01-22 18:14:44
ok thanks for that,,, i guess thats the culprit, that from anolog it just wont work fine to a digital odo...

any other opinion is appreciated. thanks
2010-01-28 21:38:33
The automatic ECUs have other ways to activate the RPMs. I have an automatic harness on a manual ECU and manual cluster, analog ODO and all, and rpm just doesnt work. I tried the Cluster in another manual car and it works fine.

Now you have Automatic Cluster on Manual ECU and harness....
2010-02-01 14:12:44
rpm has only one source from the ecu...mine works fine...only thing i got probs is the speedo...i cant find where to place the speedometer source (2wires) and ecu source (1 wire) - digital speedo has only one
2016-04-19 22:48:53
i also install one today, my problem also the speedo.
2016-04-30 22:50:27
the ecu gets its rpm signal from the cluster, the cluster takes the signal from the "electronic sensor" on the tranny and converts it to a speed signal the ecu understands (and of course it displays the speed you are going).

The electronic sensor on the tranny should be a 2PPR sensor ( two pulses per revolution). it has two pins or two wires, you ground one (any one) and the other is your signal to the cluster.

now on the back of the (CVT) cluster on the flexible circuit board behind the speedo you will see 2P and 8P ( 2 pulse and 8 pulse inputs respectively) usually the 2P has a screw making contact with the bare copper, follow this back to one of the plugs and that wire will be your speed input from the sensor on the tranny.

If you want to connect the speed signal to the ecu then u need to find that output and connect it to the existing wire that would have worked with your old cluster. Can't remember that info offhand.
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