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Thread: This is how we start 2010!

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2010-01-08 18:23:35
****en awesome.
2010-01-08 18:41:44
Jun that B13 kind of looks like Timmys old car.Tough fukin car.Good work.I notice that it haves a stock Intake Mani.I could see it making 700 with a 02 induction IM and probably 1 more pound of boost.
2010-01-08 19:18:24
Originally Posted by L4t3ncy
that thing sounds AMAZING!!!! the way it comes down the road sounds like its just getting revved not spinning the tires.


Its got one of our motors in it. The owner is on here so he can chime in on the specs not sure if he wants us to put it out there.
2010-01-08 19:24:04
Great show guys, glad to see and read this, -Me


Hating and Happy 4U!
2010-01-08 19:24:54
2010-01-08 19:25:56
Originally Posted by mazworxsales
Its got one of our motors in it.
Damn. No wonder. =]

Originally Posted by mazworxsales
The owner is on here so he can chime in on the specs not sure if he wants us to put it out there.
Yah I figured that might be the case. That's not how I roll, but I totally respect that.

Edit: On second thought, if they are willing to give up how much power it makes, what else is there really to hide? =D
I guess the "how" is what they might be hiding...
2010-01-08 19:29:15
LUTHA! I'm def a fan. If yall starting the year like that....how the hell you gonna end it?
2010-01-08 19:29:45
That car still out of mass? Nice numbers!!!
2010-01-08 19:36:34
Thanks for posting the vid Jun. I am glad that you guys liked how it came out!!!
2010-01-08 19:59:03

Approximately 2400 pounds + approximately 650 whp = Approximately Insane.

Freakin' crazy, I want 1/3 that power in my Classic and I'll be set.

1) Traction issues much? How on earth do you not spin the tires..through fourth?

2) Badass suspension and brakes? Lordy, I hope so and would expect so. Just to keep it on the road, pointed straight, and with an ability to repeatedly slow down from triple digit speeds.

Jun, you and the rest of the build-folks are certifiable madmen.
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