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Thread: Wire fitment?

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2009-12-15 02:27:33
Wire fitment?
guys, I thought you'd know the answer to this question. I have a VE in my nx, and neither the ultra wires I bought on the gb or the stock nx wires fit, they all stand an inch higher than the VE lips, what's up? Can I trim the wire boots or something to make them fit better?
2009-12-15 03:12:14
my stock wires fit fine..
2009-12-15 03:35:43
hey i was gonna respond to your post in the gb but i'll do it here.

if they are standing up too high (at least on the ultra's) push the red rubber boot up. that is what was wrong when i received mine (the set that started it all). i never made a fuss because they don't work with sr20, and it was an easy fix.
2009-12-15 03:40:30
the rigid conical part of the rubber boot itself stands very tall, it's not that I can push it down anymore...
2009-12-15 03:49:21
yeah the red conical part that is down in the head. its not glue in place to the black hard plastic under it. i had to twist the red rubber and slide it toward the top of the plug wire.
2009-12-15 03:52:41
notice the gap between the red conical and the black plastic underneath. the gb set pic (top), and my set (bottom) after i twisted and moved the red rubber so the wire would sit flush on the plug holes.

2009-12-15 03:57:23
ooooh! I see what you mean now! I will do my best on those - did you find the coil wire slips off the coil side frequently? seems a slightly poor fit there too or am I wrong?
2009-12-15 04:01:15
i didn't have and haven't had any issues anywhere else, i've had them since april. i just figured since i wasn't there for them to check fitment that they came a little tall. that why i never made any mention of it. but everything is good.
2009-12-16 02:39:48
damn - this aint happening - I dont know why! stupid wires...I pushed them as far as they can go onto the wire boot and she aint going.
2009-12-16 02:52:22
try stock ones man.. mine plugged RIGHT IN..

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