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Thread: Is 3 inch exhaust really needed on a VE?

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2009-12-14 15:41:16
Is 3 inch exhaust really needed on a VE?
Just wondering. I am noticing lots of you guys are running a 3 inch exhaust on your ve setups. I currently have a 2.5 inch mandrel system with a Apex-i Gt spec muffler, test pipe and SSAC header. Wouldn't 3.0 inch loose too much power on low end. This is not a call out thread by any means. Just a question, will my setup be sufficient on a Ve? I know the ssac header is the $100 special but it seems to make good power on the dyno. And for the 2.5 inch exhaust on a ve, wouldnt that be perfect.
2009-12-14 15:45:17
there are so threads about this...all you have to do is search
2009-12-14 15:47:41
Of course its not needed, but if your out to make as much power as possible out of your set up, then yes you will need 3in. If your not too worried about everylast whp then you can do without it and keep it quiet and save some money on a smaller catback.
2009-12-14 15:47:42
Or you could just answer my question. All I see is build threads. I see no dyno sheets with 2.5 vs. 3.0. And thanks cory. I am looking to make over 200 to the wheels. And I do not think 3.0 would be needed to do that. Considering my friend has a full race stroked 2.7 liter k24 that makes over 300 on the motor and he uses 2.75 inch exhaust.
2009-12-14 15:53:30
Originally Posted by xnissan240x
Wouldn't 3.0 inch loose too much power on low end.
2009-12-14 15:53:49
It's a trade off man. THe 2.5" will be quieter might not make as much power as a 3" setup though. Still you have to think about how much money you will have to spend to upgrade. Will it be worth it? Spending 500-600 for an exhaust upgrade that will give you what 5-15 hp. You have to decide if all that is worth it.

Me personally for a street driver I'd prefer it to be more quiet. A race car then you can just say whatever and pop in some earplugs, on the street though the extra noise gets annoying.

From some info that I have read through over the years, the 3" exhausts are adding power everywhere not just up top. Like Wojtekj said the info is out there. Just have to sort through it. The old forum has a lot of useful ve information as well.

Something that you have to be aware of in the fwd Sr20 world. A lot of us are cheap super cheap. Not many have the resources or money to go out and put together a 2.5" setup and then a 3.0" setup and test it just for the hell of it. The honda camp enjoys much more R&D then we do. Part of it is that some of those dudes are willing to spend big money on their NA setups, another thing is that the aftermarket companies want to go where the money is. For the Sentra guys the option is crazy $$$$ NA setup or Boost. Most choose boost because, it's just cheaper and easier for making power. Shoot I know me I'd choose boost over big dollar all motor any day of the week.
2009-12-14 15:56:02
To answer the question in the title of the thread: No, 3" is not really needed on a VE. You can run a 1" exhaust if you want.
2009-12-14 15:57:16
My car is far from quite lol. SSAC 2.5 inch header, 2.5 inch testpipe. Full 2.5 inch mandrel bent exhuast with the 115mm Apex-i Gt spec. It was super loud on a De and I am sure it will break windows with the newly purchased VE haha.
2009-12-14 16:00:34
most likely wont break windows
2009-12-14 16:07:27


Was half way down the front page.
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