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Thread: New VE swap and a couple q's

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2009-12-09 17:59:44
New VE swap and a couple q's
Just finishing putting the harness on the new engine, when I noticed this:

and this:

is there a purpose for them or can I get away with not attaching those items?

Also, big problem with this:

Stripped out one of the attachment bolts from the pp to the flywheel. Was going to drill out and tap it, but wanted to quickly make sure with you guys that I can get away with tapping just one. It being on an item that spins, do I have to drill and tap 2 of the other ones to balance the flywheel out or is that just overkill?
2009-12-09 18:44:11
I ignored (taken out) all the vacuum actuators.
I do not think the slightly larger bolt would cause an imbalance on the flywheel/pp combo, you might want to weigh the two bolts (new vs old) and if they are similar weight it should be alright.

Congrats on the VE!
2009-12-09 19:19:11
the flywheel part needs to be adressed professionally.... i say carry it to a shop and let them sort it back out and rebalance it.... dont take the chance especially like how the motor is still out
2009-12-09 19:27:00
the bolts are m8's I believe, does anyone have the size up from that to tap it to?
2009-12-09 23:25:22
I don't remember those plugs on my VE going into my b13. They are EGR plugs? My VE didn't have EGR.
Ouch on the flywheel is that a stock flywheel? If so just toss it and use another one. That is dangerous with that being stripped out. Remember those bolts only need to be like 12ft/lbs
2009-12-09 23:27:10
Take Flywheel To Machine Shop If Not Youll Need A New One With The Mess Youll Be Making.
2009-12-10 07:59:36
You don't need those plugs. It's useless garbage EGR that the VE does not have, therefore you do not need it.

How'd you strip out that bolt hole? Overtightened it or cross threaded it? Still sucks. I have another OEM SR20 flywheel layin around if you need one.
2009-12-10 14:50:38
was able to put a longer bolt in and torque it up to 12 - did the same to the other side to balance the flywheel out. It's a fidenza so I really didnt wnat to just toss it

New question, after a lot of work, I found a missing bung in the valve cover! It's in the middle of the rear. It looks like from this photo

that it's the pvc valve? not sure if that's the case or not - can I get away with putting a regular nipple on there and piping it to the IM or what can I do to fix it? I assume it's threaded like the highport vc, but am I wrong in that?
2009-12-10 15:40:17
if its the PCV its not threaded like HP SR20 it uses a grommet you can find it also in Autozone i think.
2009-12-10 15:58:58
oh really? thank goodness, I was stressing out big time!
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