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Thread: Maximum bore...

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2009-12-07 19:52:37
Maximum bore...
I have been doing a lot of searching prior to making any moves for a build I want to do this winter. I have been getting a lot of mixed results as far as building up the bottom end. Here are some things I have found upon searching:

-90mm pistons IS possible without having to sleeve the block
-87mm is the max as well as 88mm is the max
-stock VE rods are sufficient for a 90mm build
-Stock 4CW crank is fine for a build like this
-8CW crank knifeedged is more benificial

I have found a set of BNIB 90mm 12.5 CR for a great price off a friend of mine. Just trying to do a nice little build to help get power up there for the addition of a Freak 4-1 header and custom IM. My main thing is I would like to know what is the max bore we can go on stock sleeves for an N/A build. Any help/input is appreciated!
2009-12-07 19:55:30
You would need to sleeve your block if you go 90mm.
2009-12-07 20:19:56
Thats what had me confused searching for 90mm pistons between the old forum and the dash. I was on the phone with Westerchester Crank and I can have the block sleeved for 800$ so I figure its not too bad. Trying to get the shortblock work completed roughly around the $2,000 mark.
2009-12-07 20:49:31
CP makes 90mm pistons for us... Try ebay.... And u must sleeve for 90mm if u want it to last more than 1000 miles u should also order the darton sleeves.. look up ericsperformanceparts, they carry both @ a good price
2009-12-07 20:55:26
My boy has the 90mm pistons at his shop so thats pretty much all set. I was going to see if anyone 100% did the 90mm setup on stock sleeves. After speaking with Westerchester Crank, I am going for what is safest. Doing a basic build:

-90mm sleeved block
-CP 12.5:1 90mm pistons
-stock rods
-stock crank
-New oem rod/main bearings
-ARP rod bolts
-Mazworx 90mm headgasket

Trying to make some good power out of this basic build.
2009-12-07 21:01:41
not really basic and i would not leave rods stock.... Just me, i only wanna go in the block "1 TIME!" I drive hard.... what about the head?
2009-12-07 21:09:20
Head we are going over as the block is getting work done. It currently has N1 cams. Going to go for some BC springs/retainers. If I can, a ported head will be a nice little addition. We are trying to see 240-250whp out of this car. The one plus to the aftermarket rods is the lighter weight. I think for an N/A build up, they should be fine. I'm doing this over my break from college. I think if I decided to spray with this motor, rods would be a must. I want to see some 12 second timeslips N/A without a problem.
2009-12-07 21:20:22
im planning a similar build(2.2) but mine wont be for some time. 90mm turns out to be a 2.3?? no matter what you do get it sleeved. im hopeing for my power goals to be around 225-230.
2009-12-07 21:26:05
90mm pistons I hear is a small 2.2 liter. I forget the exact numbers I remember reading over some of Miko's posts with exact numbers.

Edit: Found the post.

Originally Posted by Andreas

90 x 86 = 2188.5 Thats a small 2.2L

92 x 86 = 2286.8 Thats a small 2.3L
2009-12-07 21:34:03
- You plan on daily driving this motor? I have a build in mind with 12.5 pistons, but I'm going to stay with the stock bore/stock head work since it will be N/A and daily driven. Something along the lines of Jamal's motor from that build JUN posted. Have you looked into the 184-C's?
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