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Thread: VE dropped valve today...:(

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2009-11-27 02:47:17
VE dropped valve today...:(
Well I was out tuning my Ve with full bolt-ons and N1's (on stock springs) and a valve decided to drop

Now it luckily wasn't to bad because the piston is fine I just need a new valve, but while the head is off its going to a shop and getting tanked and decked. There was ALOT of sludge buildup in the head, would that cause something like this? Or was it maybe the extra push of the n1's???

I also have another beef the N1's felt very weak compared to my sr16 cams And i don't mean just down low either EVERYwhere especially up top!!!! Any reason for this? I am hoping that the sludge was the culprit and once its removed along with BC valve springs, headgasket replaced and some arps installed ( I had them from my turbo car so why not?) The car will run amazing?????? I hope?

btw the compression is equal across the board and the bottomend is VERY clean(NO sludge down there) and the oil pick up tube was checked removed and cleaned awhile ago.

I guess I just have bad luck with cars

I am not giving up and once its fixed tuned and running mid 13's like its suppose to the NITROUS will go on!
2009-11-27 02:47:59
One more thing is a valve from a ve the same as a DE or is it different?
2009-11-27 03:23:48
wepa reliability over montrousity .. always
2009-11-27 03:28:18
Originally Posted by HKS
wepa reliability over montrousity .. always

explain what you mean by this? Am I doing to much? All it is is a basic bolt on VE?? Nothing special?

I just want a high 13 second N/A DD, thats it. I am building a turbo motor next spring.
2009-11-27 04:53:45
I say you are rigth on the money for those mods, but don't give up on your project. And no, VE valves aren't the same as DE Good luck
2009-11-27 06:17:59
do UK sr20 sodiums fit and work on there? thats a question.... wepa i say that always so as to keep you on your toes.. dont use the ARP studs that HAVE been used already.. theyve been compromised.

buy everything new
what power you goin for >? like goal?>
2009-11-27 06:24:28
de valves and ve valves are totally different. good luck finding stock replacements...there available in over sizes only. i bought a ve head after i bent a valve because it was a hassle to get the stock valves.
2009-11-27 06:36:30
what were you revving out to?
2009-11-27 07:13:03
something doesnt sound right...... lol n1s pull hard up top!
2009-11-27 07:26:20
Valve guides on VE are notorious for wearing out.

Considering there was plenty of sludge - my guess is that the valve guides were flogged out. After continuous thrashing, the keepers deicded they wanted to vibrate their asss out(sloppy valve movement) - and bang - dropped valve.
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