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Thread: OEM VE pulley timing marks. Which is which?

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2009-11-22 20:09:21
OEM VE pulley timing marks. Which is which?
I went to set the ignition timing on my engine today and just winged it. I wanted to ask and make sure I did it right.

There are 6 marks on the OEM VE pulley. Mine happen to be painted (not sure if they come that way).

  • Mark 1 | White
  • Mark 2 | Yellow
  • Mark 3 | White
  • Mark 4 | White
  • Mark 5 | White
  • Mark 6 | White

They are all equally spaced on the pulley. I just assumed the yellow mark was 0° BTDC. So I figured it went like this.

  • Mark 1 | White | 5° ATDC
  • Mark 2 | Yellow | 0° BTDC
  • Mark 3 | White | 5° BTDC
  • Mark 4 | White | 10° BTDC
  • Mark 5 | White | 15° BTDC
  • Mark 6 | White | 20 ° BTDC

Am I right? I've searched here and G20.net and didn't find anything. We don't have the VE FSMs online do we?
2009-11-22 20:30:19
Yea you got the timing marks right.
2009-11-22 22:38:29
Sweet. Thanks.
2010-01-18 05:44:36
Would you happen to know if the keyway on your VE crank pulley is pointing to 15 degrees BTDC?

JGY has an explanation on their website ( JGYCustoms.com - SE-R / G20 / NX Engine Bolt-Ons and Underhood Parts ) which says a DE pulley keyway will point to 17 degrees BTDC. When it does not then it's time to replace the pulley.

I ask because I wonder if VE pullies can be diagnosed in the same manner. If yes, then I might have a bad VE pulley.
2010-01-18 16:56:44
OEM pulleys are a two piece design, with a thin rubber ring connecting them. If it separates, the pulley will eventually self destruct (I have pics if anyone wants to see them). I suppose it's also possible for the inner and outer portions to slip and throw off the timing marks.

To check it, you can stick a long screwdriver down one of the sparkplug wells (resting on top of the piston) and rotate the engine by hand to find TDC. When the piston is at the highest point, that should be 0 degrees.
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