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Thread: VE head det block swap problems...

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2008-01-24 04:00:18
VE head det block swap problems...
After getting everything semi ready to go, we tried setting the head on and we ran into some things.

on the det block, the coolant hard line bracket that bolts to the block is in the way of the new line I tapped for the VE selonoid's oil. We hacked at it as youll see in the pics, but it looks welded on pretty good.

I want to avoid having to swap the VE one over because I wont be able to utilize the det oil cooler. I also want to use the VE coolant temp sensor housing( if that makes sense) but it looks like it jets out when the det one faced up a little due to the coolant hardlines. That might be in the way as well, but we havent gotten that far yet.

here are some pics just so that you know what im talking about. (hacked to **** cause we dont have a freakin cutoff wheel)

So does anyone have any ideas that have done head swaps. I know this isnt a RR block, so its slightly different.

2008-01-24 04:17:23
It does not matter what block you put it on it all works the same.

You must use the VE hard lines. Done deal final.

Using a DET oil cooler is a waste of time, it is not needed and it barely does anything in helping to cool the oil.
2008-01-24 04:21:17
figures. Always more work.... Im in love with sr20's... it HAS to be that way. even the VE hard line is in the way though. The bracket is in teh same friggin spot.... just not as huge.
2008-01-24 04:45:22
helloo mikoooooo haha
2008-01-24 07:49:17
Miko, Do we need to replace the oil filter housing with a de or ve housing to remove the oil cooler? I wasnt sure if the oil cooler was connected to the det oil filter housing or not, we havent got a chance to take a look yet.
2008-01-24 13:06:21
Use everything from the VE.

Take off the DET complete oil filter housing with heat exchanger. Put on the VE oilfilter housing. Make sure to block off the one coolant line on the block you can find the plug from the VE block.

You are done.
2008-01-25 23:55:42
I figured that was the case. Well, we will get it swapped over and hopefully have this thing running in a couple of weeks! Thanks Dre
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