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Thread: My new ve 4-1 header

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2009-10-23 03:28:51
My new ve 4-1 header
I just got this header. It was prettier but because its mild steel it doesn't have a nice finish anymore. We'll see how it does when i dyno it.

OK first thanks to Bruce over at pro-tech for making this header and getting it to me in the amount of time allowed. Also thanks to Cory n ser007 for letting me use their stuff to tune and the tuner Shane for doing a great job with our cars. Now on to the header the overall gain is good but not what was expected from me or a 4-1. I guess its just hard for my motor to make good power and i believe it was since i did a rebuild with a de 8cwc although most would say that the de crank is better. Also this header should do better with a motor that is set up right. Previously i dynoed tuned my car with fuji header and n1's and it made 192.7whp/143tq. With the Pro-tech 4-1 bolted on it made 196.5hp and with the tuner tryin to tune it made the best of 198.1hp/146tq. Here a picture of the graph to show the gain from this header vs. the fuji.
2009-10-23 03:31:11
Looks pretty mean!
2009-10-23 03:51:09
Looks pretty nice, Dyno time
2009-10-23 03:56:22
oh so you bought the protech header huh. looks good. let us know how much power it makes.
2009-10-23 04:19:38
Show is the pro-tech header! Hurry up and dyno that bad boy! I've been inquiring about that header for a few weeks.
2009-10-23 04:37:16
thats a good looking collector, but it looks nothing like the protech on the protech site.
2009-10-23 05:02:51
Originally Posted by geeio
thats a good looking collector, but it looks nothing like the protech on the protech site.

The header on the pro-tech site was the prototype. The header pictured above is the redesigned "2nd gen".

I spoke to Bruce @ Pro-tech and he said this new version should work and push out more numbers due to the fire order pattern as opposed to the prototype's 1,2,3,4 pattern.

Please post pics of the ground clearance and your suspension set-up. That thing hangs LOW!
2009-10-23 05:07:24
how much do those run $?
2009-10-23 05:39:13
The header itself will run you $650. Add $150 for the mid-pipe. $800 total. If this header produces more numbers than the budget header, dont be surprised to see more of these on more VE's.
2009-10-23 05:45:24
oh i wouldnt be suprised at all considering its only a little more expensive then the budget header And its a 4-1 design i would really like to see the results im sure alot of others would too
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