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Thread: My new ve 4-1 header

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2009-10-26 20:08:21
Originally Posted by 1sentra-se-r
No head work but while i rebuild the engine i forgot about the shims and flip the head upside down and all the shims fell out so i just threw them in where ever.

That explains a lot.

The exhaust side shims are generally thinner than the intake.
2009-10-26 20:36:49
The shims will be the difference.
2009-10-26 20:49:37
i agree it is not right to have the shims in the incorrect positions, but honestly i dont think its going to make much diff if any at all with power output. i know andreas agrees with this aswell.
2009-10-27 00:37:43
Well i check the valve clearances and surprisingly they all are within spec both int and exh beside. Both side of cylinder 1 which has a tighter clearance when compare to the factory specs so is it fine? Don't some of you guys shim all the valve on each cylinder the same on the intake and then exhaust?
2009-10-27 01:48:40
I try to get them with in spec but it's a pain so I just get the +1 or -1 with in spec cold.
2009-10-27 04:37:05
Having played a lot with the valve lash, I would say the lash clearance is very important. If you ever degreed in the camshafts, you will understand why. The lash clearance has a huge effect on the seat duration(.003"). A .002 change can give you a 10 degree change.
2009-11-03 11:53:12
Do you have any pix of how low the header sits below the cross member?
2009-11-03 22:51:57

It will prob sit a lil lower than mine since it's bigger.
2009-11-03 23:11:21

i would mess that header up just driving out my parking lot.
2009-11-04 00:48:47
i thought mine was low but damn.
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