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Thread: Piston Cooler Question..?

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2008-01-22 03:02:53
Piston Cooler Question..?
I've been having problems finding a machine shop to drill/tap my block for piston squirters. My current plan is to put a VE head on a RR DE block with VE pistons, 8CWC, VE oil pump, because my VE block has a really deep scratch on the cylinder wall.

How important are piston coolers? Do I really really need them? The car is going to be daily driven, with a little bit of track time here and there. I plan to get N1's when i get the $$.
2008-01-22 14:34:49
I think you are going to spend to much money doing what you are going to do.

Sell the
VE head setup for $850
oil pump, pully spacer and pick up $200
VE block and oil pans $150
Crank $75

Then buy yourself a new VE.

If you build what you got

$75 head gasket
$100 to rehone the block to fit the pistons
$200 in bearings and rings
$100 to pay someone to put in oil squirtes

Thats $475

If you get a VE for say $1600 shipped

$1600- $475 spent just to get the parts done right is $1125. Which is less than what you would spend if you went the other way with less hassel and effort.
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