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Thread: SR16VE gearbox on a SR20VE engine

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2009-10-13 13:24:17
SR16VE gearbox on a SR20VE engine
I can get my hands on a SR16VE gearbox.
Is this recommended on a stock SR20VE engine? What will the effects be? Plug n play?

I'm planning to get my SR20VE to 200 bhp engine power.

Please give me advice
2009-10-13 13:46:55
Race pony is physically same like SR20DE one. Plug and play. Advantage is VLSD and shorter gears. Its awesome race pony. Stock race pony are bad, long gears as ****. You will also need VLSD wet noodles.
2009-10-13 13:50:42
Nope, I found an non-LSD one so no troubles.
2009-10-13 14:12:37
non-LSD it is not 16VE race pony!!!
2009-10-13 16:32:43
Without a VLSD it's definately not a VZR gearbox, They are trying to have you on or it is a genuine VZR box but they don't know it has a LSD. Any pics?
2009-10-13 18:24:07
No pics yet, but he keeps holding on that it is a non LSD race pony from an original JDM 16VE...
2009-10-13 18:55:43
Might be from a JDM B15 with SR16VE. If so its not plug and play either.
2009-10-13 19:00:04
if its non lsd then its not a sr16 race pony i can take pictures of mine if u like ... and just need sr20de wet noodles from a 96 200sx se-r thats what i got , my wet noodles just went out and replaced them
2009-10-13 19:17:01
Wel... if it is LSD I "only" have to find the right wet noodles?
What could be other option to get a more close ratio race pony?
2009-10-13 21:39:27
W10/W11 boxes have 4.3750 Final gear. Thats cheap option. I bought 2 weeks ago W10 race pony for 150usd.
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