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Thread: tps constant 5v at closed

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2009-08-23 01:33:25
tps constant 5v at closed
so i did some searching and couldnt really find any answers to my question.

im using the stock sr20ve TB and i've had some suspicions about it not working for a while, since my idle is at 1000 sometimes lower tho an nothing happens when i disconnect the tps..

so today i whipped out the multimeter and found that its putting out a constant 5v no matter if its open or close it doesnt change.. so just to make sure i was doing it right i tested my buddys se-r.. his put out .46 closed an 4.6 fully open, so i know im doin it right..

im guessing the tps is bad.. im considering swaping a de tb on, not just for the tps but to eliminate the TB screw problem..

LMK what you guys think.

2009-08-23 02:30:29
His put out 4.6V fully open? I thought the max spec on them was 4V at WOT, and around .40-.48 WOT.

Hmmm. If you get max voltage all the time, the tps could be bad. You can bench test it pretty easily though. 9V battery and a lightbulb.
2009-08-23 02:40:39
i found alot of different numbers while searching, some say as high as 5.6 an as low as 4.0 fully open, his closed seems right on spot tho.. im gonna look into a used tps.. i think miko said he had some..
2009-08-23 16:05:56
just swap the tps.....the tbs screw thing happens with both de and ves so no help there plus i think the ve tb is bigger...... i say just pull off the tb[like how its a concern to u] and install the tps and loctite the screws.....
2009-08-24 00:28:45
now im not 100% positive but i do believe the de an ve TB's are both 60mm i also read that de's dont have the same screws that ve's do..

i have lock tited my screws, i used the blue stuff, i got some red stuff an tried to loosen them to use it instead but it wasnt happening lol, i think im gonna take your advice an try to get another TPS, seems like a pain in the butt to swap TB's
2009-08-24 03:48:32
another quick question, im gonna be goin to a dyno day next week, would the tps not working effect the power output? the car runs very well, doesnt smoke or smell rich at all and is very good on gas..
2009-08-24 18:12:48
An the SR20VE tps you use the upper plug only.
If it's showing voltage this means that it's open all the time. Remove and place back correctly.
Stock spec is 0,5V closed and 4,2V+ fully open.
2009-08-24 23:49:14
i am using the upper plug only, i think the tps is bad
2009-08-25 01:31:50
the FSM says:

Closed- .2-.8V
WOT 3.5-4.5V

I think the car feels more snappy with the higher voltage. You can def notice the response difference, but I still lowered my TPS to read 4V WOT because a lot of people say to put it there.
2009-08-25 01:52:57
ya, mine, shows 5v no matter what, closed = 5v open = 5v it literally doesnt change when i open the tb... if replacing the tps doesnt work it must be in the wiring, we'll know soon enough.. my car runs an drives great, feels great, no hiccups EVER.. its almost like a super healthy stock brand new de on steroids... hell it even gets good gas milage! so thats why im like wtf? cause my tps doesnt seem to be workin an yet i have no ill effects like most people have..
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