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Thread: Headgasket thickness

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2009-08-22 22:25:47
Headgasket thickness
Does anybody make a 2mm+ thick hg for a ve? If so, who?

2009-08-22 23:57:27
you might look into mazworx..
2009-08-23 02:38:18
This is who I got my HG from, they may have what you want, ring em Monday

Nissan - SR20DE - Solid Copper Racing Head Gaskets
2009-08-23 02:41:44

Nissan - SR20DE - ICS Titan Head Gaskets w/Coolant and Combustion Seals
2009-08-23 21:29:01
but those are all de hg's.
2009-08-23 22:36:13
may sound retatded but isnt the de and ve the same just with an extra oilway? if so couldnt you get a machine shop to punch out a hole in a metal 2mm headgasget for the oil way on the ve?
2009-08-23 23:30:32
ive never compared the 2 next to each other but doesnt the ve stick out at the spot of the extra oil hole whereas the de doesnt?
2009-08-24 17:39:13

At the bottom of the screen, you can see the difference in the DE vs. VE HG (look at the bottom of the gaskets at cylinders 3 & 4 and you'll see the extra oil hole not present with a non-VE HG, and not a spot to drill out a new hole as there's no metal there)

Mazworx sells a 1.5mm headgasket from powerenterprise.

So...anybody make a 2mm HG?
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