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Thread: how hard is it to boost a ve

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2009-08-20 15:18:22
how hard is it to boost a ve
I want a to boost my ve but would it be worth my time.Iv heard it is hard to tune a ve when you boost it.would I be spending alot of money geting it tuned over the det?
2009-08-20 22:49:55
to me tuning is tuning, a good can tune a vet just as well as det. it depends on the build and the ems you are going to use for the build is what really depends on the ease of tuning, but both are comperable
2009-08-20 23:21:00
Same as DE, I boosted both my old 10:1 DE and my DE/VE mutt.
2009-08-21 00:54:22
would i beable to use the calum realtime to tune the ve-t?or would I have to use somthing els.
2009-08-21 00:56:06
Tuning is just as simple on a VE as on a DE. Yes you can use the realtime with the VE. I'm using an apex-i s=afc II.
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