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Thread: help with measuring stock vvl cam

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2009-08-20 03:18:24
help with measuring stock vvl cam
My buddy is gonna be putting up for sale a set of Franklin stage 3's as long as i can verify thats what they are. I need someone to measure the high lobe on a stock for me so i can compare them to the measurements i got. They do look like they were cut from blanks as both cams have the keyway for the distributor.

Let me know what you got. I measured approximatly 1.53 inches, this measuring the whole lobe from top to bottom at the highest point. I cant do an exact right now cuz my battery for my micrometer is dead. But it should be close enough to tell if they are larger than stock 20ve cams they should measure around the same as the N1 cams so if anyone has a set of those as well they can take measurements.

2009-08-20 03:32:52
There should be something etched on the top of the cam where the cam gears fit. Also both cams should look like exhaust cams. If one looks like a Intake and the other exhaust there is a good chance that they aren't Frank S3's.
2009-08-20 03:50:59
yes they are both exhaust cams and appear to have been cut from blanks because of the lobes being a blackish color tint to them. I dont remember the regular or n1 cams looking like that.
2009-08-20 03:59:34
Just post up a picture of the front of the camshafts, and we will tell you if it's from Franklin.

The FS3/N1 type will have a #D mark on them.

Stock intake high lobe= 1.521"
Factory N1 intake high lobe= 1.547"

All this data can be found in the sticky section.
2009-08-20 12:18:36
ill have to get some more exact measurements, It probably is closer to 1.54 than 3. Just need to get a battery for it. I believe there is that D marking on them.

Neways so anyone want to buy them, haha once im done verifying ill be posting up pics. Thanks guys.
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